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Candidates who write SCRUM instead of Scrum?

Candidates who write SCRUM instead of Scrum?

Why do so many Agile advocates write SCRUM on their CV, instead of Scrum? – Leo 9th Jan 2014


I was chatting with a Lead ScrumMaster the other day, within an organisation that’s going through a transition to Agile techniques for its software delivery. We were going through the machinations of a ScrumMaster role, and I asked him if he had any pet hates on CVs that he was wary of. “SCRUM” he replied. Naturally, I frowned, but on expanding, he explained that a pet hate he has is anyone who writes SCRUM instead of Scrum when talking about this mainstream Agile tool.

His argument was that no-one truly understanding of Agile practices within a project delivery role would overlook the way its presented and turn it into an acronym, when as we all know its Japanese rugby origins create the word. This got me thinking, and as I looked through CVs of various candidates I’d worked with over the years both previously and at Recommend Recruitment, I started to realise this was a common theme.

I went to the Kanban Exchange meet-up in London in December, hosted by the fantastic Dan Brown, and once we’d finished the various workflow games, asked the same question. Why is it people seem to acronymise Scrum for no good reason? Still nobody knew and it is something I am still struggling to find the answer to even now.  Something not exclusive to Project Managers & ScrumMasters, but Developers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Business Analysts and Product Managers I’ve seen.

I am keen to hear anyones thoughts on the subject as to where the phenomenon comes from. Maybe you’ve written SCRUM on your CV before due to something that you’ve read or just heard from others, or maybe you’re in the “pet-hate” category, or maybe there’s a genuine reason!

I realise this may be a little “storm in a teacup” but as i’ve seen it affect a persons chances of a role, i would be keen to understand and assess the root cause.




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